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Honey Hole

Everyone has a place they go to unwind, and mine, currently, is a spot on the Blue River that I have dubbed the “Honey Hole.” The name comes from a place that I once visited with my father when I was extremely young. So young,...

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Looking for some great shopping spots in Breckenridge to splurge on? Well, we’ve got you covered as far as clothing and accessories go! After all you’re on Vacation, right? Below is a list of a couple of my favorite spots not to be missed when...

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Mohawk Lakes

We're back!!! And, it’s my favorite time of year: SUMMER! Summer in Summit County is completely amazing. The weather is the type most people can only dream about. As a native of “Hotlanta,” I spent most my summers dreading anything outdoors, as it meant 100...

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Bella and Buddha

Well, it’s almost May in Summit County , and to us locals, that means it’s “mud season.” What’s mud season, you ask? Like the name states, it’s usually the time of year when the county is wet and muddy. But, it’s really not all that...

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The Lost Cajun

Four tables and an eight-person counter: This makes up the seating at Lost Cajun in Frisco, Colorado. You would not think this would be enough to support a restaurant, but Lost Cajun makes it work. Like all successful restaurants, it has unique things going for...

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