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2022 Snow Sculpture Championships

This year brings the 31st Annual International Snow Sculpture Championships back to Breckenridge, and with it teams from all over the world vying to claim the title and create a stunning piece of snow art out of a 12-foot tall, 20 ton blocks of snow. If you've never had the chance to experience this incredible event, we wholeheartedly recommend doing so. It's a truly amazing sight to behold as artists from all over the world use primitive hand tools to carve intricate sculptures while trying their best to keep the delicate pieces standing until final judgement takes place. This is by far one of the most interesting events to take place in Breckenridge all year! This year's event does have some "need to knows" before you attend so we've put together this helpful guide to ensure you have all the information you need to make attending this event a breeze.

When is the event?

The sculpting for the event starts Monday, January 24 and continues through Friday, January 28. Final sculptures are on display from Friday, January 28 and continues through Wednesday, February 2. While watching the sculptures create these pieces is exciting and interesting, seeing the final pieces after dark as they are lit up with a variety of unique lights is the best time in our opinion.

How do I attend the event?

The event is free to attend, though free timed reservations are required for Saturday, January 29 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Click here to reserve a time spot for Saturday. All other days and times do not require a reservation.

Where is the event?

The snow sculptures are located in the Tiger Dredge Lot, surrounding the Breckenridge Riverwalk Center (150 West Adams Avenue). Plan on not being able to use that parking lot during the time the event is taking place.

Where should I park?

The best way to access the sculptures is by walking or taking the bus. If you're staying with Summit Mountain Rentals, feel free to contact us to ask what the best way for you to access the event is. Free parking is available on Airport Road with free shuttles via the Yellow Route on the Breck Free Ride Bus. The closest bus stop to the snow sculptures is F-Lot stop, which is serviced by most bus routes, including the Yellow Route. Click here for a map of town parking areas.

Can my furry friend come?

Yes! If you stayed in one of our pet friendly properties and want to bring fido along to see the sculptures, you can plan on it being cold at night and make sure your pups paws are protected from the ice covered ground.

Where are the teams from?

This year, teams are traveling from Ecuador, Germany, Mexico, and from the United States. Teams from the United States will be from Breckenridge, New York, and Wisconsin. Teams are chosen by a selection committee and are hosted by Breckenridge locals!

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