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Long Stay Lodging


Long Stay Lodging

Long Stay Lodging is Summit Mountain Rental's exclusive solution to exhaustive and time consuming short-term rental licensing. Designed for homeowners who still want to use their Summit County vacation home but can't acquire or are waiting to acquire a short-term rental license. With this program you can still use your vacation home and generate revenue without a short-term rental license. 

What is Long Stay Lodging?

We've created a unique pricing structure and strategic marketing plan that targets the growing number of renters who want to stay longer than 30 nights. This allows you to generate revenue while still allowing you to block specific timeframes that you want to occupy your home. This unique approach to property management gives you all the benefits of short-term renting, while not requiring you to long-term rent your property. 

How does it work?

We market and sell your property to our unique subsection of guests who are looking to "live like a local" for a season or two. You have access to the world class property care and maintenance that Summit Mountain Rentals is known for as well as our large and highly experienced team of professionals. Your guests will also receive our legendary customer service during their stay.

Want to know more?

Call our Business Development Team today at 970.453.7370 or email us to learn more about how this program can help achieve your rental goals.