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Welcome to Breck: Now What?

You’ve finally grown tired of the hustle and bustle of crowded resort properties, and you’re ready to step up your vacation game with a cool vacation rental in Breckenridge. Everyone has a first time, so let’s make yours the best experience possible with a few insider tips and tricks to set your vacation up for awesomeness.

Talk Like a Local
First and foremost: Folks around here call it “Breck.” If you want to fit in with the locals, don’t ever say “Breckenridge.” People will literally look at you like you’re an alien. Other key local phrases you may want remember:

  • “Copper” (not “Copper Mountain”)
  • “The Basin” or “A-Basin” (not “Arapahoe Basin”)
  • “The Blue” (not “Blue River”)
  • “Summit” (not “Summit County”)
  • “Dude” (often used to address locals regardless of sex or age)

What to Expect … and What to Bring
When you go to visit family, you’re used to finding stocked pantries, full refrigerators and all the essentials. While vacation rentals will offer many of the conveniences of home, there are a few things you’ll need to “BYO.”

Upon arrival, you’ll find items in your rental you’d usually expect at a resort: linens, towels, bedding and a “starter kit” of facial tissue, toilet paper, bath soap, shampoo and conditioner. At Summit Mountain Rentals, we take it a step further and offer fully equipped kitchens with pots, pans, and table settings. Humidifiers are also a welcome addition in each bedroom.

Then, after getting the lay of the land, plan to hit the grocery store to pick up your daily necessities: spices, baking supplies, drinks and your favorite personal toiletries. Here’s some more info on what to expect in your rental property.

Please Drink the Water
At times on vacation, you may not want to drink local tap water. Summit tap water is totally safe (and delicious) to drink. Save yourself a few bucks and throw a bone to mother nature: Leave the bottled stuff behind at the grocery store. Do grab a Breck-themed water bottle though — it’ll keep you motivated to drink during your stay and will be a fun reminder of the trip when you go home.

No, But Really, Drink It
Not only is our water safe to drink, but at 9,600 feet in Downtown Breck, you NEED it. Altitude sickness is a real thing, and it can be avoided (or at least mitigated) by drinking water. A simple formula to use is to drink half your weight in ounces of water per day — MINIMUM! For example: a 150-pound adult should drink 75 ounces of water per day; a 200-pound adult should drink at least 100 ounces of water per day. Kids should be drinking the equivalent of their body weight in ounces of water per day — those little whippersnappers are pretty active, so they need substantially more water to keep their bodies running in tip-top shape. So, if you have a 35-pound kiddo, make sure to keep the water flowing all day long so that the wee one gets 35 ounces or more of water.

No substitutions, please. Beer, coffee and sodas do not qualify towards your daily water intake! Feel free to add them to your daily water needs, but don’t substitute or you’ll find yourself feeling a little less than fabulous.

Time for Fun
Now that you’ve checked in, drank some water and hit the grocery store, it’s time to get serious about having fun! Check out a few of our blogs with tips and tricks on the best activities in Breck and around Summit County. From summer hikes and bike rides to downhill thrills in the winter, we’ve got something for everyone. Then, pop on over to our Trip Planning page to learn more about a few of our favorite activities.

Most of all, have fun. And if you have any tips on having fun in Summit County, please leave them in the "Comments" section below!


Can't wait to get there! I am a nature lover and your article inspired me.