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Top 5 Reasons to Book Direct with a Property Management Company

When it comes to finding a vacation rental, you have a lot of online options. Lately, more and more people are turning to “third-party booking sites” such as VRBO and Airbnb to research and book vacation properties. And at Summit Mountain Rentals, we list all our properties on these and other third-party sites to help travelers find and book our properties.

Once you’ve found a property (or properties) you’re interested in, it’s easy enough to click “Book Now” and complete your reservation. But savvy travelers are learning to take an extra step. In the property listing, look for “Hosted By” or “Property Manager.” On some sites, there’s a number listed for the property manager. On other sites, contact information isn’t provided, but a quick search in Google will help you find them. Just enter the company’s name and location, e.g.: “Summit Mountain Rentals Breckenridge.”

Then, visit their website or, even better, pick up the phone and call them.

Why? Well, here are the top five reasons that booking directly with a property management company may make sense for you … and your wallet.

Reason #1 to Book Direct: Save Money
When you book through a third-party agency, you’ll incur service fees. That’s how booking agencies get paid for helping you find a place to stay. Service fees are typically based on a percentage of the total booking cost, ranging anywhere from 3 percent to 7 percent the cost of your trip. If you’re planning a group trip to one of our larger luxury vacation homes, that 7 percent fee on a $10,000 booking could end up costing you an additional $700. Shoot, on a $1,000 booking that’s another $70. You could pay that … but why? And if you call the management company directly, don’t be shy about asking if they’re offering any promotions or discounts. You’ll be surprised how often they say yes!

Reason #2 to Book Direct: Save Time
Instead of scrolling through pages upon pages of options in your destination category, narrow that search and visit an easy-to-use property search page. Simply select the dates of your stay to see the full list of properties available. Narrow that search by entering in a specific number of bedrooms, guests, or other search parameters and find properties that will better suit your needs.

Reason #3 to Book Direct: Talk to a Human
In the 21st century, folks have forgotten what it’s like to talk to a human. Websites are great, but people … particularly locals in the area you want to visit … know more! So, call us and talk to a real, live, human. Our humans are even friendly – and helpful! More on that in #4 and #5.

Reason #4 to Book Direct: Get the Local Perspective
When you talk to one of our agents over the phone, you’re getting more than a robot. You’re also going to enjoy the chance to learn a bit more about our destination. Activities in the area that are beyond the obvious: special deals only locals know about; the best places to eat or drink … and so much more. All you have to do is ask! We’re here to help and happy to offer suggestions.

Reason #5 to Book Direct: Get What You Expect
Pictures and descriptions of a property on a website are fine. But if you really need to know the specifics about a property, talk to the people who know it inside and out. How many steps is it to the second floor? What’s really the easiest way to get to the slopes? Parking options? At Summit Mountain Rentals, we take pride in answering these questions every day so that our guests get what they expect with every booking.

So … Give Us a Call!
Let’s face it: Third-party booking sites play an important role in today’s vacation-rental industry. But if you really want to find the right place for you (and your family and friends), give local property management companies a shot. They’ll save you money and time and, equally important, give you the personal attention needed to help you find the perfect property. And the next time you’re ready to visit Breckenridge or Frisco, give us a call at 970-453-7370. We’ll be here!

If you have any thoughts/tips on booking directly with property management companies, please leave them in the "Comments" section below!