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Spartan Race Returns to Breckenridge Aug. 26-27

Your heart is racing as you emerge from crawling under barbed wire. Sticky mud drips down your face as you sprint towards a towering wall. You look behind you to see someone running towards you with a look of despair in her eyes. You reach the wall and jump with all of your remaining strength to reach the crest. You feel yourself miss and start to slide back down the grime covered wall until you feel a hand firmly grasp your outstretched arm. You look up in appreciation to see a white-toothed smile framed by mud.

No, this isn’t an escape from prison or a war zone — this is the Spartan Race in Breckenridge, Colorado! The weekend of August 26-27, hordes of athletes of all shapes and sizes will descend on Breckenridge to test their grit at 9,600 feet. Spear throws, steep climbs, crushing crawls and terrifying traverses are the name of the game, and these tough fitness enthusiasts aren’t afraid to get a little dirty on the way.

This challenging course, the highest Spartan course in the world, starts at 9,600 feet of elevation and only goes up from there. For Spartans that means an opportunity for every athlete — from newcomer to seasoned pro — to test their skills, determination, and stamina in a unique and breathtaking environment. You’ll be competing with and against some of the toughest Spartan athletes in the business with the Tenmile Mountain Range providing the backdrop for the entire race. Starting at the base of Breckenridge Ski Resort you’ll ascend steep grass covered ski runs and continue through dark lodgepole pine forests before looping back around to the finish line. Count on challenging obstacles and some surprises thrown in the mix while you take in the beautiful scenery throughout this incredible race. You won’t be alone during this race, as thousands of your comrades seek glory on the Spartan course, and even offering a helping hand when times get tough. Just don’t let the scenery distract you from the spear throw!

With 4 different races, there is a Spartan race for everyone in the family. The Ultra Beast is the pinnacle of the Spartan race world and covers 26+ miles and 50+ obstacles. The fastest time for this grueling marathon is seven hours. Join in at the elite, competitive, or open level. Next up is the Beast race, covering 12-14 miles and 30-35 signature Spartan obstacles. The fastest person to complete the Beast race yet did so in 3 hours. If you’re looking to fulfill your need for speed, join the Sprint race that covers 3-5 miles and 20-23 obstacles. You’ll have to complete the Sprint race in 40 minutes to beat the reigning champion. Want to bring the kids along? Enter them into the Junior Spartan races that cover either a mile or half mile. All of the races will take place over the weekend of August 26-27t, providing the perfect mixture of sunshine and alpine coolness to keep you going, if your lungs can take the elevation!

After your legs are sore, your body is drained, and you’re covered head to toe in mud go back to your Breckenridge vacation rental and shower up before you hit the town for a celebratory beer with your teammates. There are plenty of dining options in Breckenridge if you have the strength to make it off the couch and out the door after the race.

Be sure to book your rental ahead of time using the code SPARTAN at checkout to save 10% on your reservation and to be sure you have a comfortable place to rest your tired bones after a long day of overcoming obstacles. We have numerous units with hot tubs to soak in as you recover and revel in your accomplishment.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Spartan? Register now before the race sells out!

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