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Frisco BBQ Challenge

The Frisco BBQ
If you’re looking for a summer event to spend time with family and friends in Summit County, the annual Colorado BBQ Challenge is it! When Main Street Frisco turns into a sea of BBQ smokers, grills and country music, I turn into a BBQ lover. I’m usually not a fan of the whole "walking while eating" thing, but this event is an exception. I find myself gnawing on ribs and searching for the next best thing to put in my mouth, which always includes several Golden Toad "shrimp bombs." The grill masters at Golden Toad rowdy up the crowd with music and dance, as the assembly line grills up a storm. For the best pulled pork and juicy chicken, my vote goes to the Wildman BBQ team, who always stay at the Hotel Frisco. For dessert? What else -- a deep fried funnel cake topped with powdered sugar.
Finally, Swifty Swine’s Racing Pigs are great entertainment, racing around the track for Oreo cookies. With names like Jennifer Lopigs and Sarah Jessica Porker, how could you not love them? The three-day event in downtown Frisco is tons of fun, super delicious, and perfect for the whole family. Check it out next time you’re looking to kick off your summer in Summit County!