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Dew Tour - Men's Snowboard Halfpipe Finals

The Dew Tour has just rounded up its 10th anniversary this year. With talented athletes in both snowboarding and skiing, the Dew Tour never fails to entertain. The Mountain Championships have resided in Breckenridge the last seven years. The championship includes events in slopestyle, superpipe, and streetstyle for skiers and snowboarders, as well as live concerts, athlete meet and greets, games and giveaways!

There’s nothing quite like being right there at the Dew Tour Mountain Championship. Kelly, Megan, and I attended the snowboarder’s superpipe event on Saturday. Watching the riders launch out of the pipe was exhilarating. With all the riders at the top of their game competing for a big prize purse, you’d think the vibe would be tense. It was everything but that. The Dew Tour hosts talented athletes from all over the world, bringing together people who have a communal love of the sport. I would encourage everyone who has the opportunity to see this in person to take advantage of it. It’s a jaw-dropping experience to see how truly talented these skiers and riders are up close and personal. They’re always pushing the limits and putting on a remarkable show. Check out some of the pictures that Kelly, Megan, and I captured while watching the guys throw down in the pipe!


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