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Dew Tour 2015 Wrap Up

There is no better way to kick off ski season than attending the Dew Tour Mountain Championships. Every year top athletes from around the world meet in Colorado to compete for titles in freeski, superpipe, slopestyle and streetstyle events. This is the eighth year the Breckenridge has hosted this great event!

There is nothing like the Winter Dew Tour – getting up close and next to the action! The halfpipe and streetstyle events are my favorites. It is exhilarating watching skiers and snowboarders flying in the air right over your head. Breckenridge sets up the halfpipe so fans can stand and watch only a foot away from the edge, starting from the top of the pipe all the way down to the end! But the streetstyle event is probably the coolest. Breckenridge sets up a course right downtown for athletes to flip, slide, and jump street features like a dumpster, a car and sometimes even fire!

Dew Tour is something that everyone should take part in. Not only does it offer free swag and the best viewing of your favorite athletes, it is also free. That’s right – FREE! There aren’t any tickets required; you don’t even need to purchase a ski pass! Just walk right on up and they let you in! Even if you don’t act like you own the place.

Tell us your favorite part about Dew Tour!

Snowboard Superpipe
  1. Shaun White
  2. Ayumu Hirano
  3. Louri Podladtchikov
  1. Jiayu Liu
  2. Chloe Kim
  3. Kelly Clark
Snowboard Slopestyle
  1. Mark McMorris
  2. Staale Sandbech
  3. Darcy Sharpe
  1. Anna Gasser
  2. Spencer O'Brien
  3. Hailey Langland
Freeski Superpipe
  1. David Wise
  2. Beau-James Wells
  3. Alexander Ferreira
  1. Ayana Onozuka
  2. Cassie Sharpe
  3. Brita Sigourney
Freeski Slopestyle
  1. Gus Kenworthy
  2. Jossi Wells
  3. Fabian Boesch
  1. Kelly Sildaru
  2. Tiril Christiansen
  3. Emma Dahlstrom


  1. Darcy Sharpe
  2. Dylan Alito
  3. Seth Hill
  1. Sean Jordan
  2. John Strenio
  3. Jesper Tjader