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Breckenridge Oktoberfest

If you ask a local what their favorite weekend of the year in Breckenridge is, you are most likely going to get the same answer every time. OKTOBERFEST! Beyond any holiday or winter weekend, Oktoberfest takes the cake!
Breckenridge Oktoberfest is a 3-day event that takes place every September. (I know, counterintuitive, but it’s cold in October!) On Friday night, Salt Creek Steakhouse holds a brew master’s dinner, serving several delicious courses paired with many tasty German beers. From there, you can make your way upstairs to Napper Tandy’s for live music. This year, the infamous 6 Million Dollar Band played. They are a ridiculous 1980’s cover band, whose music turns into an all night dance party with costumes and everything. If you’re not into that kind of scene, you can try any of Breckenridge’s 50-plus bars. But don’t stay up too late, because Saturday is a marathon.
On Saturday, Main Street turns into a German-themed street party. Every block is filled with lively people tasting authentic German foods, drinking German beers, and dancing to that funny “oompah” music. Everyone is in a good mood, the food is delicious, and of course the beer is flowing! This year there was even a flash mob that performed at the Riverwalk Plaza. Oktoberfest Flash Mob! After the festivities on Main Street end, the party carries on into the night. This year, Yam Band played at 320 South the party lasted until (I hear)4 a.m.!
If you’re more interested in a calm, more “family friendly” Oktoberfest, Sunday is probably the better day for you. The day is more relaxed, but the atmosphere still the same: Happy people, yummy food, and of course those tasty German beers. Also, if you’re a deal hunter, toward the end of the day vendors start selling their food and treats for half price. This year I got some spaetzle for just a couple of bucks, and Giampietro’s famous Lobster Roll for 6 dollars!
Overall, it’s three days of merriment and celebration. It’s our town’s last big hurrah before winter, and the largest Oktoberfest in the Rocky Mountains. If you’re thinking about heading up to the mountains next summer, make sure Oktoberfest in Breck is on your list of things to do!