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The Blizzard of 2016: Another Reason to Buy Travel Insurance

On March 23, 2016, snow began to fall in and around Denver, Colo. LOTS of snow. By the end of the day, 1–2 feet of the white stuff had accumulated. Denver International Airport was left without power and shut down completely. In all, more than 1,300 flights were cancelled and air traffic around the country was disrupted — bad news for skiers and boarders headed for Colorado for some Spring Break runs!

At Summit Mountain Rentals, the calls started coming in from travelers experiencing problems. Some called to let us know they’d be checking in late, even as much as a day. Others cancelled their trips altogether. Based on our vacation rental and cancellation policies — which are standard in the vacation rental industry — we couldn’t offer any refunds on these last-minute cancellation requests.
However, all of these guests could have recouped most (or all) of the cost of their trips by saying “yes” to a question we ask all our guests when they book with us:

“Would you like to purchase travel insurance?”

Travel insurance — a sound investment
In general, travel insurance runs about 7 percent or the cost of a booking. So, if you’re booking a $2,000 stay with us, travel insurance will cost about $140. It’s a nominal investment for the peace of mind knowing that if your trip is disrupted, you’ll have the money to take the trip again.

And the odds of having your trip disrupted or cancelled are higher than you think. According to statistics from the US Travel Insurance Association, illness and natural disaster impact travel for about one in every six Americans. And of those impacted, only one in five have bothered to buy travel insurance.

At Summit Mountain Rentals, we offer all our guests the option to purchase travel coverage from CSA Travel Protection, a highly reputable company we’ve dealt with for years. In addition to the key protections for trip cancellation (covering 100 percent of trip cost) and trip interruption (covering 150 percent of trip cost), coverage also includes a wide range of protections including identity theft coverage and roadside assistance. 

So whether you’re booking your next mountain trip with us or heading off on a different adventure, we highly recommend that you insure your trip. It’s the smart move!

Has having travel insurance ever "saved your bacon" when you've had problems traveling? Post a comment below and tell us!

Posted March 31, 2016