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Property Ratings

To help you find the perfect lodging for your vacation, all Summit Mountain Rentals properties are rated according to the guidelines below. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about these ratings.


Our luxury properties are top-of-the-line accommodations sure to please even the most discriminating tastes. Guests enjoy top-notch amenities, elegant accommodations and a superior vacation experience.


These high-end properties are newer or recently remodeled. Premium properties offer superior amenities, and will make your stay more than just comfortable and convenient, but truly relaxing.


Our deluxe properties offer special amenities beyond just a basic stay. These properties’ quality furnishings and décor (and often great locations) always make for a unique and memorable vacation.


Our moderate properties are clean and well maintained, typically with slightly older decor and furnishings. They’re great for travelers looking for comfortable, convenient properties at a great price.


Our most affordable properties offer clean, basic accommodations for budget-conscious travelers. The furnishings are for the most part utilitarian and "no frills," but still provide a comfortable setting for your vacation.