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Owner Testimonials


Our vacation property owners like to talk about us.

Here's what they've been saying recently:


"We SMR homeowners are privileged to have the best owner management team in Summit County :)."

Mary B, Owner — January 2023

"The SMR team is professional, pays attention to the details, and really cares about the properties, owners, and guests. We are grateful to have them as a partner in our investment property."

Chan L, Owner — January 2023

"We would truly like to thank you and your team for making our dream of owning a successful rental condo a reality! I’m not sure what we love more, how well our unit is renting this winter, or how immaculately clean it has been when we’ve enjoyed owner stays! Well done SMR."

Wade & Erica W, Owners — December 2022

I started working with SMR after 7 disappointing months with Vacasa.  With SMR, I am confident my unit is managed effectively and well-maintained.  SMR is always available and responsive to my communications.  SMR makes owning a rental home easy and efficient."

Scott B, Owner — December 2022

Gloria and I have enjoyed our interactions with the Summit Mountain Rentals team. We appreciated your patience as we got our place ready to go on the market.  Andrea has done a great job in accommodating my many questions and requests. We are happy to see that the rental nights are stacking up!  We look forward to a profitable year with SMR!!

Mark & Gloria C, Owners — December 2022

I am a new client with Summit rentals. So far, we are very happy that we made the decision to move to Summit Mountain Rentals. What we really appreciate is the excellent communication by cell phone and e-mail. Unfortunately, my previous rental management company was bought out by a company that does not even know how to spell the word communication!!!!  The best to the team and a Merry Christmas.

Donn S, Owner  — December 2022

Breckenridge has been my home since the late 1970s. I have owned several In-town properties over the years including my current residence on Ridge Street.  Great location, with terrific mountain and ski area views, everything is walkable. I have another property but consider my Breckenridge condo home and permanent residence-my special place. I had never leased and rarely allowed even friends to use my place while I was away. Recently however I have been spending more time away during the winter months and decided to consider some longer-term rental possibilities. Several friends recommended Summit Mountain Rentals and I decided to give them a try   At our first meeting I explained to Mary, David, Andrea, and Ross that I was a reluctant rentor and possibly could be their worst client ever. They quickly settled my nerves clearly explaining how their system worked, financial possibilities, and how SMR could coordinate a rental experience around my difficult schedule. 

Now, looking back, my partnership with SMR has been very successful and I wonder why I waited. The SMR team has been extremely flexible in scheduling and does a superb job setting up for renters and for my return. My property is clean and well-maintained by their staff and management almost immediately responds to any questions or concerns I might have. And, finally, rental income has been very good! 

Thanks to SMR, I am no longer a reluctant renter. 

Gary M, Owner — November 2022

SMR has truly been a major difference on how our property in Breckenridge is being managed, monitored, and promoted. Their group of professionals is top of the line, with a tremendous knowledge of the market, both local and elsewhere, and great attention to detail, as well as a friendly and proactive attitude towards us and our renters. We are glad we have SMR on our team! Their use of technology and market knowledge has proven to be a great difference in the services they offer!"

Alberto L, Owner — November 2022

Although we are just starting our relationship with SMR, we are very satisfied with how the company has guided us in every strategic process related to our unit. SMR´s team is very attentive, experienced, and knowledgeable and you can clearly see it in how they treated us during the onboarding process. Their use of technological processes and their transparent way of working is something we truly value as customers. We are delighted to continue this experience with SMR

Pablo L, Owner — November 2022

Thank you for all you do for us.  We appreciate each and every one of your team members.”

Terri & David, Owners — September 2021

“We just wanted to take a couple of minutes to let you know how pleased we are that we decided to use your company to manage our property.  As you know, our dad purchased our home in 1984 and it's very sentimental to three generations of our family.  We were very hesitant to open it to the rental market but by doing so we've reaped the benefits of income that has allowed us to make many updates to the house.

The staff at Summit Mountain Rental is the reason we have been successful.  There has not been one time in the last two years that we have called or emailed and not gotten an immediate response.  We appreciate that your staff is fluid.  If Andrea is not in the office, Nicole immediately responds. If neither of them are available, Aaron immediately responds. We feel that you all understand how much our little cabin means to us.

We look forward to a successful 2021-22 ski season and many more to come.”

Julie & Kim, Owners — August 2021

“You guys have done such a great job for us, and we’ve encouraged the new owners to continue in the relationship. I sincerely hope that this house will be a part of the SMR portfolio for years to come.”

Susan & Paul M, Owners — September 2020

“I wanted to mention how fortunate we are that we selected you/SMR as our property management partner. Your company is first class on so many levels.”

Jeremiah & Becky, Owners — May 2020

“I just wanted to reach out and extend our sincerest appreciation for the team at Summit Mountain Rentals. From the support we have received thus far from your many team members – operations, housekeeping, to communications/marketing and everyone in between – each and every individual representing SMR is top notch! We are so happy we made the decision to partner with SMR. Looking forward to a great winter season!”

Jenn & Jorge T, Owners — November 2019 

“We appreciate everything you have done for us and we’ve been very pleased with the rentals. We will continue to advocate SMR where we can. I read the informative Winter Report and love the photo of you guys with Buddha and Bella! It’s clear you treat everyone like family!”

Vince N, Owner — August 2019

“We were very pleased with your management, cordial communication with all staff members and efficient operation of service.  We wish you continued prosperity.”

William H, Owner — July 2019 

“I’ve been watching the calendar for our place and it appears you and your staff have booked the house every weekend and more since mid-December.  I really appreciate the attention you have given our house. I appreciate all of your efforts.  You guys do an amazing job!”

David R, Owner — Febuary 2019

“I am very happy with my decision to go with SMR. My condo is in great hands, and they produce!”

Michael S, Owner — August 2018 

“Congratulations to everyone at Summit Mountain Rentals! I was a day behind in reading the Summit Daily News, but was happy to see the article about SMR committing more than $23,000 to support local communities efforts. That says a lot for your company (and the owners too!).”

Gary S, Owner — July 2018

“We want to say thank you to everyone in the SMR team, who continue to work very hard to ensure our place is both fully booked and well looked-after. Given the number of turnovers that full bookings entail, particularly this summer, we would like to express our particular thanks to the housekeeping and inspection teams for their very fast and efficient work in pressured circumstances — it can’t be easy. Thank you.”

Mary & John B, Owners — July 2018

“Ed and I have over the years been tremendously happy with the services which you, Mary , and your excellent staff have provided to us as our property managers for unit 502 Asgard Haus. All aspects have been more than exemplary, from occupancy levels, housekeeping cleanliness, and perfect communication, our satisfaction has been such that we would recommend SMR to any of your prospective clients. Also why we always voted for you as Property Managers of the Year!”

Linda & Ed W, Owners — July 2018

“I will always cherish the wonderful support we received, the warm friendships we had with the people at Summit Mountain Rentals and the many fond memories. Thank you.”

Larry & Sue G, Owners — June 2018

“You are all such a close-knit, friendly and professional team that it makes SMR a very special place (and very-deserved winner of Best of Summit County for so many years). We are very grateful for all that you do for us.”

Mary & John, Owners — January 2018

“First of all, thank you for the refreshingly frank and honest commentary on your statement this morning. SMR is such a breath of fresh air after our previous manager experience. Also, our owner experience has been terrific. We are looking forward to the next year.”

David M, Owner — April 2017

“The house looked outstanding. Truly it was such a pleasure to arrive and have the garage already plowed out, a light on in the house, the hot tub ready, the house spotless, etc. I sincerely appreciate all the work by the team to manage the house. Sure makes it easier to come here and just enjoy the mountains.”

Tim R, Owner — February 2017

“There is no doubt you do an outstanding job leasing the homes; the incomes reflects your expertise. The excellent condition of the homes also gives credit to the detailed attention the team at Summit Mountain applies to their job.”

Ken G, Owner — December 2016

“We are so lucky to have you guys as our management company. You guys are beyond our imagination of how a great company should be. We appreciate everything you do for us. Thanks so much!! I LOVE IT!!!”

Kelly H, Owner — July 2016

“Carol and I have always been impressed with Summit Rentals' attitude toward bookings and updates to the property necessary to keep Cedars 29 at the top of the list. With your input and work, bookings have been considerably increased from just a few years ago. Keep up the good work.”

Michael B, Owner — July 2016

“Wow, Mary! Your company has already exceeded our expectations! This makes us feel VERY confident that we chose the right property management company. Thank you!”

Erin R, Owner — July 2016

“I was planning to sell the house until I found your company. Where were you 10 years ago when I bought the house? I enjoy a complete peace of mind knowing that you are watching the house. We did not have this with other companies. Not only do you do a great job but you and your associates are so easy to work with!”

David R, Owner — June 2016

“You are a really impressive company with tremendous service, we were fortunate to find you guys. Thanks!”

James and Rachel H, Owners — May 2016

"It appears you had a wonderful and successful ski season this year. The occupancy rates and income reflect great credit on you and your team’s expertise. Congratulations."

Ken G, Owner — April 2016

“We’ve been with SMR for 6 years and they have always delivered. Over that time they have aggressively marketed our property, and at the same time, managed us effectively as owners. In addition, they have been very responsive to any owner issues. Lastly, I appreciate their honesty and open communications all aimed at driving rental income. They have been great.”

Wayne and Laura A, Owner — February 2016

“This guest review sounds like I wrote it and expresses my feelings exactly: 'Thank you very much for sending and for being a truly outstanding Summit County management company.' We could not achieve the comments and rental rates we do without the excellent leadership and management of you and your company. All you do is greatly appreciated.”

Ken G, Owner — February 2016

“Thanks for keeping our house so busy this winter. Just got my January statement and I'm thrilled to see the revenue!”

David R, Owner — February 2016

“We are so happy to continue the process with you guys. Our old management company made me feel like we should not have bought a condo at all, as the process was so dreadful. So far with you guys it has been a dream come true. We used to have several calls a month with renters with Comcast problems at the condo, and my husband had to leave important meetings trying to deal with it. It was nuts. We honestly can't thank you enough. We want our condo to be a source of joy for our family, not to be a constant pain in the butt! You guys really are amazing!”

Kelly and Nathan H, Owners — February 2016

“Thanks for the update and best of all your quick response to a problem that could have been a disaster. Having had a leak a few years ago which was a disaster we are so thankful for your help. We are so lucky you all are on top of these issues and have a process in place to respond accordingly. Thank you so much.”

Neal C, Owner — February 2016

“First and foremost, Happy New Year to you and yours! I want to send you a note to say thank you for all that you and the staff at SMR have done for us over the past year. You all are wonderful to work with and we trust your professionalism and expertise.“

John R, Owner — January 2016

“As always you have a well thought out convincing plan and you know your guests. You are so precise in your scheduling and management--most likely I am wasting my words trying to instruct you. In case this is not clear..."You are so good at what you do, I need to stay out of the way!”"

Ken G, Owner — December 2015

“Thanks again for all of the support from SMR. You have a very special organization - one you can all be proud of.”

Larry G, Owner — December 2015

“This is a belated thank you to all of you for the excellent service you provided for the winter season — despite the patchy snowfall, you managed to ensure that occupancy held up well and that revenues rose significantly. Your detailed attention to current market conditions and your fine tuning of marketing in response, as well as the hard work by the front-desk and maintenance team members, proved very successful — and we are very appreciative.”

Mary & John B, Owners — May 2015

“Wish I had found your group years ago. You and your staff do a GREAT job in all aspects.”

David R, Owner — April 2015

“We were very pleased to see how nice the condo looked! Summit has done a great job as far as we are concerned!! Many thanks!”

Joan A, Owner — March 2015

“My first response is WOW to my statement in January. I knew it was going to be a good month based on rentals I could see on the calendar. However, I didn't expect it to be this good, especially for a January. This was my best month ever. You've put a smile on my face. Thank you for your great service and great results!”

Gary S, Owner — February 2015

“Summit Mountain Rentals has been the rental manager for my condo in Breckenridge for more than 7 years, and I am completely pleased with their responsiveness, attention to detail, friendliness, and professionalism. These folks are tops at what they do, and I recommend them highly.”

John W, Owner — February 2015

“The sense of loyalty and commitment among the SMR team certainly shows in what you do — and it's what attracted us to work with SMR in the first place. We were reminded of that this week when we rented an apartment for a business trip to Lisbon — the company we used has a similarly-sized portfolio of accommodation to SMR; nice people, but the level and professionalism of the service was 1 star compared to SMR's 5+ star service. Thank you for continuing to maintain such a high level of service — it's not easy to do, but you certainly make it look that way.”

Mary B, Owner — October 2014

“Thank you for the response. I appreciate that you always return calls and emails. It does make us feel like we are important to you. I also realize you are a super busy person and appreciate your timeliness all the more!”

Pierre & Judith, Owners — October 2014

“Mary, Mark, David, and Summit Mountain Employees, congratulations! Your commitment to excellence has paid off and is well-deserved! As a homeowner, we appreciate your reputation which, in turn, promotes marketing of our property.”

Judy & Jim, Owners — September 2014

“Your staff is always professional and efficient. Every time I call and no matter whom I speak to, you take care of things right away. We are extremely pleased with Summit Mountain Rentals and would be happy to recommend you to any homeowner. It’s our second home and not just a rental, so thank you very much!”

Connie K, Owner — August 2014

“We both really appreciate you and your team’s diligence with inspections and follow-up with all issues. Please pass our thanks on to Rita and inspectors.”

Mary B, Owner — July 2014

“That's why we love Summit Mountain rentals. You never disappoint us and take the extra step!”

Sandy O, Owner — July 2014

“Thank you for taking care of our home away from home. We appreciate you taking care of these unexpected issues like our refrigerator. Great minds think alike! We appreciate all you guys do for us!”

Trisha & Greg S, Owners — July 2014

“I am always impressed by the level of professionalism and politeness of the staff at Summit and I wanted you to be aware that we noticed. We are very happy with Summit and we would recommend your services to anyone who would ask.”

Martin & Kate N, Owners — April 2014

“The owners of Summit Mountain Rentals and their entire team have delivered exceptional service in renting and maintaining our unit. Having a professional team in place has made owning a mountain condo not only more practical, but more enjoyable.”

Brenda & Sperling M, Owners — October 2013