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COVID 19: Moving Forward

Making the Most of Challenges

There’s no question that COVID-19 has been challenging for everyone. At Summit Mountain Rentals, we faced our share of challenges — and in those challenges saw opportunities to improve. We conducted a thorough review of all our sanitation policies and processes to ensure that our protocols reflect guidance from the CDC, EPA, and state and local health officials. And the improvements we’ve made will be our standard moving forward.

Protecting Our Guests and Staff

Our homes are professionally cleaned between each stay using CDC and EPA-approved chemicals and sanitizers. Our professional inspectors then ensure the property is renter-ready and high-exposure locations (light switches, doorknobs, remote controls, etc.) are re-sanitized before sealing the property prior to your arrival.

We have enacted the following protocols with your safety in mind:

  • Daily temperature and oximeter check for employees as well as screening questions to ensure COVID-19 and other symptoms are not present.
  • Floor markers will be arranged to maintain 6-feet of physical distance to enable easy social distancing.
  • Plexiglass barriers at check-in desks.
  • Contactless check-in and check-out are available. Please contact us 970.453.7370 or prior to check-in and/or check-out to arrange.
  • Frequent cleaning and sanitization of common areas such as check-in areas and high-contact surfaces.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitization products will be available for guests to use at common areas.
  • Stringent cleaning and sanitation protocols for every home prior to guest arrival utilizing CDC guidance. Home will be stickered once final inspection and sanitization is complete.
  • Minimizing the number and frequency of employees entering properties.
  • If maintenance is required during your stay, our employees will wear approved PPE equipment including a face mask and gloves in accordance with CDC guidelines while in the property and will sanitize any surfaces they come in contact with prior to departure. You can choose to be present during maintenance activities or you can vacate the property while staff is present.

What to Expect During Your Visit to Summit County

As of May 31, 2021, Summit County (and all of Colorado) are at “Level Green” on the COVID-19 risk rating system. Level Green is defined as “little to no risk.” This means that masks are no longer required in most public settings, and restaurants and other businesses can operate at full capacity without mask and/or social distancing requirements. However, businesses can still choose to require masks and/or social distancing, most often when the business occupies a small, confined space. Additionally, public transportation (specifically the Summit Stage and Breckenridge Free Ride bus systems) still requires that all riders wear masks and are operating at full capacity.

Our recommendations?

  • First and foremost, relax and enjoy your stay!
  • If you feel comfortable not wearing a mask, great. 
  • If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, wear one.
  • If you choose to not wear a mask, carrying one with you is a good idea so you can enter places that have opted to maintain mask requirements, as well as use public transportation options.

You Have Our Thanks

We sincerely appreciate you for sticking with us during these challenging times and choosing to return. We believe that visiting Summit County is still a fantastic vacation choice that will only get better moving forward. If you have any questions regarding our updated policies and procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact Summit Mountain Rentals at 970.453.7370 or