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To ensure guest satisfaction, all of our properties are rated according to the guidelines below. Please ask your reservations agent if you have any questions regarding these ratings.


Our luxury properties are some of the finest accommodations in Summit County. Unit furnishings and appointments are of the highest quality and typically the result of professional interior design. Custom details and accents enhance overall unit decor. These units are marked by superior layout, top-of-the-line kitchens and luxurious bathrooms. Luxury properties are sure to please even the most discriminating tastes - enjoy top-notch amenities, elegant accommodations and a world-class vacation experience.


Premium properties are upscale, well-appointed accommodations, typically featuring recent interior design updates or remodeling. These properties offer excellent quality in overall condition, amenities and furnishings, as well as top quality kitchens and bathrooms. Your stay will be more than just comfortable and convenient; you'll enjoy the truly relaxing feeling of home.


Deluxe properties offer special amenities beyond just a basic stay. These units are inviting, pleasant and tastefully decorated with some updated furnishings. Some units also feature updated kitchens and baths. Deluxe properties make for a unique and memorable vacation, and are priced for great value.


Moderate properties offer a more affordable lodging experience. These units are clean and well maintained, but offer slightly older decor and sometimes more gently used furniture. Moderate properties are great for travelers looking for comfort and convenience at a moderate price.


Basic properties are clean, "no-frills" accommodations. The furnishings are, for the most part, utilitarian, but still offer a comfortable vacation experience. Basic properties meet our standards for quality and cleanliness, and are priced to meet the needs of budget-conscious travelers.
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Breckenridge Lodging and Frisco Lodging

For the fourth year in a row, Summit Mountain Rentals has been voted the "Best Property Management Company in Summit County."

Welcome to Summit Mountain Rentals. Our approach to property management is different. We view our vacation property owners as partners – partners with valuable assets that deserve professional management expertise; our proven standards of excellence do just that.

We help our owner-partners maximize rental revenue while providing top-notch service and attention to those “little details” other companies miss. Our goal is to make your life easier by making owning a vacation property in Summit County hassle-free and economically more viable.

Here’s what our owner-partners say about us:

“Let me state that you [Summit Mountain Rentals] make us feel like ours is the only house you are renting. That is a real plus in these times of lost customer service. I was in the lobby this past weekend and watched as people checked in. I cannot imagine how you keep up with all the needs of all the renters at all the properties. Something we don’t hear enough: GOOD JOB!!! You are doing a fantastic job!!!”

Why choose Summit Mountain Rentals?

Professional Staff:

We are a hands-on property management team, dedicated first and foremost to maintaining the integrity of your home. Our local staff allow us to maintain a hands-on approach: we provide 24/7 service, including phone and guest check-in.

High-Quality Maintenance:

We provide in-house professional maintenance staff, including emergency and on-call service.

Professional Housecleaning Services:

First impressions are lasting impressions. Not only do we provide superior housekeeping services, we also have a dedicated Housekeeping Inspector who inspects every property after every departure.

Proactive Marketing:

Our goal is to make everyone money. Our primary emphasis is web-based marketing through Summit Mountain Rentals’ website, search engines, pay-per-click listings and individual web pages for each unit.

Call today when you realize you deserve the BEST!

Contact Caryn Samuels:   970-453-7370  •  caryn@summitrentals.com