Rating Description

To ensure guest satisfaction, all of our properties are rated according to the guidelines below. Please ask your reservations agent if you have any questions regarding these ratings.


Our luxury properties are some of the finest accommodations in Summit County. Unit furnishings and appointments are of the highest quality and typically the result of professional interior design. Custom details and accents enhance overall unit decor. These units are marked by superior layout, top-of-the-line kitchens and luxurious bathrooms. Luxury properties are sure to please even the most discriminating tastes - enjoy top-notch amenities, elegant accommodations and a world-class vacation experience.


Premium properties are upscale, well-appointed accommodations, typically featuring recent interior design updates or remodeling. These properties offer excellent quality in overall condition, amenities and furnishings, as well as top quality kitchens and bathrooms. Your stay will be more than just comfortable and convenient; you'll enjoy the truly relaxing feeling of home.


Deluxe properties offer special amenities beyond just a basic stay. These units are inviting, pleasant and tastefully decorated with some updated furnishings. Some units also feature updated kitchens and baths. Deluxe properties make for a unique and memorable vacation, and are priced for great value.


Moderate properties offer a more affordable lodging experience. These units are clean and well maintained, but offer slightly older decor and sometimes more gently used furniture. Moderate properties are great for travelers looking for comfort and convenience at a moderate price.


Basic properties are clean, "no-frills" accommodations. The furnishings are, for the most part, utilitarian, but still offer a comfortable vacation experience. Basic properties meet our standards for quality and cleanliness, and are priced to meet the needs of budget-conscious travelers.
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Breckenridge Guest Services

We share our favorites!

Catering/Private Chef
Child Care
Gift Shops
Grocery Delivery Service/Personal Assitance
Hospital/Medical Services
Health Clubs
Oxygen Bars
Ski Rental Shops
Spa Services


- Burke and Riley's Irish Pub: 520 S. Main, Breckenridge
- Rita's Specialty Margarita & Taco Bar: 301 S. Main, Breckenridge
- The Tavern at The Haven: 325 S. Main, Breckenridge
- Napper Tandy's: 110 Lincoln Ave., Breckenridge


- Flourish, Food to Thrive On Offering personal and private chef services, cooking classes and in-home catering for more intimate gatherings and celebrations. Specializing in organic whole foods cuisines, seasonal ingredients, and creative menus catering to client preferences. Cooking classes are also a great way to gather friends and family for good food and wine and a bit of fun in the kitchen. Food can be prepared ahead of time for the week, a private dinner in your home, or a cooking class as part of your mountain vacation experience. Also able to design menus -for any type of dietary needs/restrictions including gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian.

Child Care:

- Baby's Away: Baby supply rentals serving Summit County
- Mountain Sitters, LLC: Serving all Summit County
- Resort Sitters: Quality babysitting referral service serving all of Summit County


- The Breckenridge BARKery: 411 S. Main, Breckenridge
- The Dog House (day care and boarding): 229 Continental Ct., Breckenridge
- Breckenridge Animal Clinic: 11072 Hwy 9, Breckenridge


- Images of Nature: 108 S. Main, Breckenridge
- The Photoshop & Gallery: 300 S. Main, Breckenridge
- Art on a Whim: 100 N. Main, Town Square Mall, Breckenridge

Art on a Whim is a little slice of culture with a large dose of humor located on Main St. & Lincoln in the historic town of Breckenridge. Widely regarded as Colorado's funniest art gallery and THE place to go for local art in Breck, Art on a Whim has the perfect piece of art for serious and humorous minded collectors alike! Work from world renowned humorist Jeff Leedy is paired with a wide selection from the best artists Colorado has to offer, everything from wood burnings to Energist paintings to steel sculpture. You are sure to find something you love in the gallery!

Gift Shops:

- Creatures Great and Small: 204 S. Main, Breckenridge
- Golden Phoenix (Russian treasures): La Cima Mall, Breckenridge
- Two Wild Sisters: 311 S. Main, Breckenridge
- Petal and Bean: 400 N. Park Ave, Breckenridge
- Rocky Mountain Cupcakes: 222 S. Main, Breckenridge

Grocery Delivery Service/Personal Assistance:

- Road Runner Services: 970-389-8463
- Found Time: foundtimeconcierge@gmail.com, 970-401-1277 
- Breckenridge Grocery Express, breckenridgegroceryexpress@gmail.com, 573-489-8928

Hospital/Medical Services:

- Breckenridge Medical Clinic: 555 S. Park Ave., Breckenridge
- Ten Mile Chiropractic: 424 S. Ridge St., Breckenridge
- 24 Hour Oxygen: Delivery to your door

Since 1990, the premier oxygen service in Summit County. No one has more experience helping you acclimate here in the mountains. Our mission: To keep visitors healthy and active by being proactive. We recommend the use of our oxygen products before the effects of high altitude slow you down.

Health Clubs:

- Breckenridge Recreation Center: 880 Airport Rd., Breckenridge
- Oasis 9600: 1760 Airport Rd., Breckenridge

Oxygen Bars:

- The O2 Lounge: 500 S. Main, Breckenridge

The O2 Lounge is an Oxygen Bar, Coffee Shop and Internet Cafe located at 500 S Main St, Breckenridge. With most visitors to Breckenridge suffering from symptoms related to the high altitude, The O2 Lounge's Oxygen sessions are the perfect way to help keep you feeling your best while enjoying our fantastic town. Our sessions provide around 90% Oxygen (and come with your choice of aromatherapy fragrance) which boosts blood Oxygen levels helping to alleviate symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, breathlessness, sleeplessness and nausea and aiding acclimatisation. We recommend you visit within your first 24 to 48 hours in town to boost your Oxygen level. Oxygen even aids recovery from exercise, jet lag and hangovers! You can breathe in store or rent an Oxygen machine to use at your hotel or condo for your stay. Add to that our comfy lounge and bar facilities, awesome coffees, smoothies and other snacks and refreshments and you're sure to feel great. We also have PCs from which you can keep in touch with business or friends while in town and print off any important travel or other documents you need. Don't be beaten by altitude - visit The O2 Lounge and enjoy your vacation.


- Jake Himmelman, Ten Peaks Sotheby's International Realty: 69 Marksberry Way, Breckenridge, 970-470-1816 cell

Ski Rental Shops:

- Colorado Ski & Snowboard Rental: 111 Ski Hill Rd., Breckenridge 970-453-1477
- Charter Sports: 655 Columbine Road at Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge 970-453-4494
- Black Tie Skis: 866-547-4416 (Breckenridge Delivery)
- Lone Star Sports


- Angel’s Hollow: 113 S. Ridge St. 970-453-8585
- Blue River Bistro: 305 N. Main St. 970-453-6974
- Burke and Riley’s: 520 S. Main St. (La Cima Mall 3rd Level) 970-547-2782
- Breckenridge Brewery: 600 S. Main St. 970-453-1550
- Briar Rose Chop House: 109 E. Lincoln Ave. 970-453-9948
- Clint’s Bakery: 131 S Main St 970-453-2990
- Columbine Café: 109 S. Main St. 970-547-4474
- Daylight Donuts: 305 N. Main St. 970-453-2548
- Denzaemon Noodle & Bowl Café: 216 S. Main St. (under Eyes on Breck & Milagros) 970-453-9809
- Downstairs at Eric’s: 111 S. Main St. 970-453-1401
- Dredge Boathouse: 180 W. Jefferson 970-453-4877
- Duggan's Deli: 111 Ski Hill Rd. 970-453-4036
- Empire Burger: La Cima Mall (South Park & Main St.) 970-453-2329
- Giampetros Pasta & Pizzeria: 100 North Main St. #212 970-453-3838
- Hearthstone Casual Dining: 130 S. Ridge St. 970-453-1148
- Jalapeños Mexican Restaurant: 100 S. Park Ave (behind Eric's just off the Riverwalk in the River Mountain Lodge) 970-547-9297
- Kenosha Steakhouse: 301 S. Main, Breckenridge 970-453-7313
- Le Petit Paris: 161 Adams Ave. 970-547-5335
- Mi Casa Mexican Cantina: 600 S. Park Ave. 970-453-2071
- Modis: 113 S. Main St. 970-453-4330
- Motherloaded Tavern: 103 S. Main St. 970-453-2572
- Mountain Flying Fish: 500 S. Main St. 970-453-1502
- My Thai: 500 S. Main, Breckenridge 970-457-2887
- Quandary Grille: 505 S. Main St. (next to the Hyatt in the Main St. Station) 970-547-5969
- Relish: 137 S. Main St. 970-453-0989
- Salt Creek Steakhouse: 110 Lincoln Ave., Breckenridge 970-453-4949
- South Ridge Seafood Grill: 215 S. Ridge St. 970-547-0063
- Spencer’s Steaks & Sprits: 620 Village Rd. (inside Beaver Run Resort) 970-453-8755
- Steak and Rib: 208 N. Main St. 970-453-0063
- Swiss Haven Restaurant (fondue): 325 S. Main, Breckenridge 970-453-6969
- Taddeos: CLOSED
- Wasabi Japanese Restaurant: 311 S. Main St. 970-453-8311
- Whale's Tail: 323 S. Main St. 970-453-2221


- City Market Food & Pharmacy: 400 N. Parkway, Breckenridge
- Mychelle Dermaceuticals LLC
- Hand and Glove Breckenridge
- Cabin Fever

Spa Services:

- Active Healing Massage Therapy: 106 N. French Street Suite 210-8 phone 970-389-9444


- Backstage Theater: 309 S. Ridge Rd., Breckenridge
- Riverwalk Center: 150 W. Adams, Breckenridge
- Speakeasy Movie Theatre: 103 S. Harris, Breckenridge
- Trans-Lux Skyline Cinema: 312 US Highway 6, Dillon