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To ensure guest satisfaction, all of our properties are rated according to the guidelines below. Please ask your reservations agent if you have any questions regarding these ratings.


Our luxury properties are some of the finest accommodations in Summit County. Unit furnishings and appointments are of the highest quality and typically the result of professional interior design. Custom details and accents enhance overall unit decor. These units are marked by superior layout, top-of-the-line kitchens and luxurious bathrooms. Luxury properties are sure to please even the most discriminating tastes - enjoy top-notch amenities, elegant accommodations and a world-class vacation experience.


Premium properties are upscale, well-appointed accommodations, typically featuring recent interior design updates or remodeling. These properties offer excellent quality in overall condition, amenities and furnishings, as well as top quality kitchens and bathrooms. Your stay will be more than just comfortable and convenient; you'll enjoy the truly relaxing feeling of home.


Deluxe properties offer special amenities beyond just a basic stay. These units are inviting, pleasant and tastefully decorated with some updated furnishings. Some units also feature updated kitchens and baths. Deluxe properties make for a unique and memorable vacation, and are priced for great value.


Moderate properties offer a more affordable lodging experience. These units are clean and well maintained, but offer slightly older decor and sometimes more gently used furniture. Moderate properties are great for travelers looking for comfort and convenience at a moderate price.


Basic properties are clean, "no-frills" accommodations. The furnishings are, for the most part, utilitarian, but still offer a comfortable vacation experience. Basic properties meet our standards for quality and cleanliness, and are priced to meet the needs of budget-conscious travelers.
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Summit Rentals » Choosing the Right Management Company

Choosing the Right Management Company

From the Summit Daily News, June 28, 2006

How to Choose a Management Company for Your Vacation Property


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If you’ve purchased—or plan on purchasing—a vacation property, you’ve probably already thought about renting it out part of the time to recoup some of the cost. For most owners, this makes sense.

But vacation properties require management and upkeep, just like any property. Most vacation property owners also need help in marketing their properties to prospective guests. Many absentee owners turn to property management companies for help. So, in a resort area full of vacation rentals, a good property management company should be easy to find, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. If you talk to many vacation property owners and realtors, you’re likely to hear a few “horror stories” ranging from shoddy maintenance practices to cheating owners out of rental money! However, there are competent, honest management firms out there. When looking for a property management company, focus on five main areas:

1. Reputation – Ask around! Talk to other property owners and local realtors. They’ll know which companies are—and aren’t—providing quality service. Also, if possible, find out about the company’s general reputation. Are they active in the community and regarded as good community citizens? Finally, ask any management company you talk to for references and/or testimonials from current owners whose properties they manage.

2. Guest relations – A good property management company is focused on providing a quality experience that will make guests want to return to the area—and to your property in particular. A few specifics to ask about: Do they offer 24-hour check-in, as well as 24-hour phone service and emergency maintenance?

3. Housekeeping – Keeping your property in top condition will usually increase its value and make guests want to return. The best management companies hire and maintain their own in-house, trained housekeeping staff, rather than outsourcing this critical function to an outside organization beyond their immediate control. Also, since housekeepers are the first people to see your property after guests check out, they’re your first line of defense against theft and damage. Ask if the company will perform a detailed, checklist-based inspection of your property after every guest stay. Also, will you be charged for housekeeping services?

4. Maintenance – When your property needs a major repair—say, a new water heater—will the work be performed in a competent, professional manner? Good management companies have in-house staff that can handle many repairs and maintenance duties, as well as strong relationships with trade professionals in the local community. Find out who your prospective management company works with. Also, if a repair is needed due to guest damage, does the company charge the guest for the work needed or will the cost come out of your pocket? 5. Marketing – What kinds of tools does the company used to market your unit? With more and more vacationers researching where to stay on the Internet, savvy management companies are focusing on Web-based marketing utilizing search engines, pay-per-click listings and individualized Web pages that show off every unit they manage, including yours.

A vacation property should be a source of fun, relaxation and – when you’re not there – steady rental income. With the right property management company, owning a vacation property can be both enjoyable and worry-free.

Mark Waldman is the owner of Summit Mountain Rentals and White Cloud Lodging, which specializes in high-end vacation properties in Frisco and Breckenridge, Colorado. Mark also owns the Hotel Frisco, voted “Best Lodging in Summit County” by Summit Daily News readers in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007. For answers to your questions on managing you vacation property, call Mark at 1-800-383-7382 or e-mail info@summitrentals.com. Also, visit their Web site at www.summitrentals.com.